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We offer 14 different dance forms on this Sunday (13 workshops + disco night) in our programme. Come and try some!

Print & display our Poster (.pdf) on: goo.gl/SlRLWl
B&W programme is here: goo.gl/2NkYrG (4 pages, reduced 1 folded A4 sheet)
Colour Programme: goo.gl/7v3VvF  (4 pages, reduced 1 folded A4 sheet)

Next organising meeting: Wednesday 5 Oct, 7:30pm, venue: tba => NewsBlog

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1st Hebden Bridge Dance Festival for Charity Sunday October 9th 2016

Dance Festival Management Committee:
Terry, Sophia & Ralph

The proceeds of this dance festival will be donated to Khalsa Aid http://www.khalsaaid.org/
This festival is run and organised by volunteers.
The programme is complete. The venues are booked. Posters are up on display. 
We are currently recruiting more volunteers for the day.
On-line bookings are active, and paper tickets are currently being printed

More on our NEWS Blog & Programme & more links above.

YOU can support this 1st dance festival:

  • please help us with displaying our posters & programmes around the region
    (stock piles are at the Tourist Office & Town Hall office)
  • email us on HBdanceF@gmail.com if you're happy to volunteer for a 2 h time slot on Sun 9 Oct
  • You could become a HB Dance Festival Member for £10 / year to strengthen the base 
    of this Dance Festival. This would help and encourage us to establish this festival.
    See our Constitution: goo.gl/lENrcm
  • post news and information on Facebook & follow us on Twitter: @hbdancef
We envisage, that in the future this yearly dance festival in Hebden Bridge will develop into a whole weekend event in October.
Contact Ralph on 07909 488272 or Sophia on 01422 843000

"We Came To Dance"

2 minute video about why we are here - and the importance to dance.
"We began with rhythm. From the beating of our mother’s heart to the first kick in our mother’s womb. We were born to move.
‘We Came To Dance’ combines this rhythm that we all share, with the rhythm of music, dance and an epic piece of spoken word" [produced by New York based Tasha Blank]

Our VISION for the Hebden Bridge Dance Festival in October...
See NEWS Blog & Programme (links above) for more